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Adventures in Wargaming - 5 very boring individuals record their exploits playing with little men. Favoured rules include (but are not limited to) WFB, WH40k & The Horus Heresy (30k), Epic, Bloodbowl, Infinity, Saga & Flames of War
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 30k Resources

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PostSubject: 30k Resources   Fri Oct 23, 2015 3:41 pm

Thought it might be useful to collate a few handy sites, etc out there in the 'community'. Good for inspiration, tactics, painting guides, etc. Anything you think useful pop here:


TBH, this is where most of the 30k inspiration comes from for me.

Eye of Horus - The daddy mac - Aussie Poddie focused primarily on the game with a light hearted look at the fluff. Highly recommended - it's mine (and probably Dan's) fave cast. Weekly too! And it started the same time we started getting into 30k, so we can plot our pitiful progress by it. Also worth checking out their Imgr site for pics.

Age of Darkness - Canadian podcast - Fortnightly (-ish) split between the game and Heresy book review with interesting critical theory! They also do a 'Battlecast' supplement, which is a turn by turn batrep... on the radio!

The Imperial Truth - British podcast presented by Greg Dan and the original for 30k. Mainly game focused with updates of events (including FW & Black Library weekenders) and spends time looking in detail at the army lists.

After Ullanor - Featuring Greg Dan and the American gentleman behind Garagehammer, David Witek. They break down the Heresy Black library books in order of release. Slow going producing episodes, but understandable given they have re-read each book - and no one would wish that on anyone of Furious Abyss...

Seize the Initiative - America's answer to their lack of a 30k podcast. Still in its infancy, it seems like there's a few technical teething problems as the sound quality makes it appear that they're recording from a public toilet. Definitely game oriented so far.

Loaded Dice - another Aussie cast and friendly rivals of the Eye of Horus (awaiting the outcome of a grudge match between the two at an upcoming event). Pretty shambolic in parts - no editing, sequences of silence, etc, but some good stuff if you power through it. It was a 40k podcast but has almost completely moved into 30k now. It reinforces again that Aussies have a far superior quality of life as they all seem to enjoy nice weather, be endlessly rich (to be buying FW down under), have plenty of free time and seem to do the best events. Bastards.

Independent Characters - a giant in the 40k world, but sadly now defunct. It's back episodes covered a lot of the Heresy 'Black Books' from Forgeworld and fluff discussions and well worth a listen. It was very polished and infectious in its enthusiasm - Carl Tuttle is still putting out vlogs on the site and the forum is very active (including a 30k area)


Plenty here, so will just pick a few of the best I use. I've not included the larger places that do occasional 30k sutff like BoLs, 1d4chan and Beasts of War.

Battle Bunnies - solely 30k blog, also providing reviews and on the ground news from events.

Rusty's Workshop - the irrepressible Rusty Magos appears on most forums with his work. He's been the inspiration for my IFs. His/her actual site has some great tips and tutorials for weathering, etc.

Bolter & Chainsword - The Horus Heresy Section - probably the biggest 30k forum - painting, tactics, Listhammer, etc.

Heresy 30k - another popular website covering news and rumours, chat and excellent galleries (often with tutorials).

Aaron Dembski Bowden's Blog - he writes for Black Library and he's doing a slow grow heresy project with a few others from FW, so well worth a read. Shame he can't seem to resize pics properly on his site. Then again, I wouldn't know how to myself....

Aus30k - Another bloody Australian site! Great idea this, it's a giant galaxy-sector campaign where you can upload your armies and record your battles to affect the meta-narrative. As an added bonus you can fight and affect the battles for three worlds sponsored by the three podcasts Imperial Truth, Eye of Hours and Age of Darkness and participate in their unfolding story/mission scenarios.

A Galaxy In Flames Blogspot - And yet more Aussies! Pretty much what it says it is. Love the battle reports and the numerous articles on tactics. Some sweet ass Iron Warriors on there too.
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30k Resources
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