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Adventures in Wargaming - 5 very boring individuals record their exploits playing with little men. Favoured rules include (but are not limited to) WFB, WH40k & The Horus Heresy (30k), Epic, Bloodbowl, Infinity, Saga & Flames of War
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 Epic imperial Fists & Legio Astorum

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PostSubject: Epic imperial Fists & Legio Astorum   Fri Oct 23, 2015 3:07 pm

Further to the 30k epic battle report, a quick run down of the painted loyalist army:

At the moment, this consists of a Land Raider Company, the transports for tactical company, a devastators detachment and two Whirlwind detachments.

This is only the actual finished stuff above - there is also plenty of other additions in various stages of being painted:

As described above - close ups of...

....the Land Raider Company:

I've been weathering them as a bit of a test/practice for when I get stuck into my 30k FW models, so I've been mucking about with sponges and graphite pencils:

(note the company numbering - the same as the German army in WWII - I knew Flames of War would come in handy eventually!)

....the Whirlwind detachments (slightly different shade due them being bought already painted to an extent):

...the rhinos ready for the tactical company (but still needing the last of their decals) - not as weathered as the Land Raiders:

...and a close up of the Devastators detachment:

Next up for the army: Dreadnoughts, the tactical company proper and some titans of the Legio Astorum (Warp Runners).
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Epic imperial Fists & Legio Astorum
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